Local Channel Coverage from DISH

Dish Network Local Channels

Get 100% Local Channel Coverage with DISH!

DISH is pleased to announce that local channels are now included with all basic DISH packages at no additional cost! And as the first satellite TV provider to offer 100% coverage in markets across the country, DISH is also happy to report that every subscriber can now enjoy amazing local access to their favorite broadcasts! The hottest shows and movies and the breaking news, weather, and public interest programs that affect your community and your lives are now available, right at your fingertips! No more news feeds from across the country...even small towns will have access to great local DISH programming that matters.

Get 100% Coverage of DISH Local Channels!


The Bottom Line: Stay in Touch with DISH's Local Channel Coverage

Don't miss out on this amazing deal from DISH! Important promotional highlights:

  • Features 100% local channel coverage across the U.S. with the purchase of any standard DISH package
  • Allows you to watch great local programming no matter where in the country you are
  • Guarantees you won't get a feed from somewhere across the country; you'll get access to the news, weather, and programming that affects you most. Top local stories will keep you connected to your community
  • Saves you money, since the local programming is included at no additional cost with basic DISH packages. Saves you time, since you won't have to seek your important local information elsewhere

DISH is also offering local channels in stunning high definition, with subscription to HD service, to 94% of U.S. markets! So don't hesitate! Join the millions of loyal DISH subscribers who are already enjoying amazing satellite TV service, and stay in touch with your community with great local channel coverage! Call Sterling Satellite at 1-800-299-5610 to learn more and start saving today!